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Easter by Scoilnet
Scoilnet EasterAs always, Scoilnet Easter has gathered lots of teaching resources from across the curriculum on the topic of Easter.
Find out why we celebrate, and why chocolate eggs and bunnies are symbols of Easter

Safer Internet Day 2017
Scoilnet SID ThemepageScoilnet have put together a range of ideas, activities and videos which can be used to help mark Safer Internet Day 2017 in your school. Play your part for a safer internet by joining the SID 2017 celebrations!

St. Brigid's Day
stbrigedsdayDiscover the stories and traditions of St. Brigid's day.
St Brigid was born near Dundalk in the 5th century and was important in spreading Christianity in Ireland. She died on February 1st.
Use these resources to learn about St.Brigid and the symbols she left behind.

RBS 6 Nations
6 NationsA collection of resources based on the 6 Nations Championship.
This is a set of cross-curricular presentations and lessons based on the RBS Six Nations Rugby Championship. There are History, English, Gaeilge, Maths, Art, Geography and PE lessons. These can be a child led/peer led activities, the teacher requires little to no prior knowledge on the topic, they can facilitate the lesson.

Learning Paths - Create, Share and Engage!
Scoilnet Learning PathsWant to create your own Learning Paths? Here's how:

Create a quick and easy collection of resources. Gather them while browsing or searching for something specific on Scoilnet. Arrange them by number, theme, topic or whatever suits you.

New Healthy Eating Guidelines Learning Path
Healthy_Eating_Guidelines_Learning_Path Resources aim to share the awareness of the new Healthy Eating Guidelines and Food Pyramid launched recntly by Minister of State for Health Promotion.

Art and Architecture of Ireland
aWorld is pleased to announce that the five volume publication Art and Architecture of Ireland is freely available to all schools on the Schools Broadband Network through

Art and Architecture of Ireland is an authoritative, fully illustrated account of art and architecture in Ireland from the early middle ages to the end of the twentieth-century.

Politics and Society
Politics and Society teachers have been sharing resources and participating in discussions using the new online forum.
Politics & Society Class Presentations - 90 PowerPoint slides with an introduction to assessment, details of the course, homework assignments, philosophy of John Locke and power & decision making in schools.
Sample Scheme of Work -  SOW for the months of September - December (five class periods per week).

Opportunity for a French teacher
A school in France (Lycée du Dupuy de Lome) was in touch with seeking to collaborate with a teacher in Ireland. Possibility of two to three week stay in France. The programme is funded under the following programme. Contact [Martime Le Guilloul]

New to Scoilnet Resources

scoilnet_1916winnersOver the summer, teachers have been busy sharing resources in the following areas:

Junior Certificate Geography Revision Tests
DCG Principles and Coursework
Ultimate Frisbee Scheme of Work with Resources
Websites for Career Guidance

Big push on French resources
scoilnet_trophyXSmallThe Scoilnet Subject Editor for French has added many new resources last month - here are three:

Activités quotidiennes - 20 common activity phrases with audio.
Assessment Grid for Topical Essays - Word doc.
Comment l’Europe lutte contre les naufrages de réfugiés en Méditerranée?  - Explanatory video.

Oral resources on Scoilnet has a great collection with resources tips on approaching the oral, mind map suggestions and links to help with speaking French. Further details here.

If you are looking for Irish language resources search for 'Sraith' and refine by 'most recent' - you will find lots of options there.

Interventions for Students with Autism

To coincide with World Autism Day 2016, which took place recently, SESS has developed a video (20 mins) to demonstrate a number of evidence-informed instructional interventions that teachers working with students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Ireland may draw upon to promote and facilitate development and learning.

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Huge response to Proclamation for a New Generation

Scoilnet Proclamation 1Almost 1,000 schools uploaded their Proclamation for a New Generation to Scoilnet before Easter. In years to come this will be a wonderful record to show the values and aspirations of students in 2016. Submissions were made in Irish, English and one even contained Arabic script. Did your school upload your proclamation? The upload facility will be kept in place for another month. You may search by using your school roll number.

The Proclamation declared Ireland a Republic and laid down the vision for the country and its people going forward.

One hundred years later, how has this vision evolved? Are the wishes of the founders of the state still as relevant today as they were in 1916? Do any of the visions need to be updated to take account of new and modern ways.

Also, Scoilnet has a link to an excellent Democracy and General Election resource that is well worth downloading and using for a CSPE class.

On the subject of 1916, links to talks from Prof Michael Laffan (UCD) were added to Scoilnet - worth a view.

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Women of 1916 - shared resources from a teacher
Women of 1916Our thanks to teacher Niamh Murray for sharing three of her own resources relating to the role of women in 1916.

The Women of 1916 - brief profiles and images
Biography of Countess Markievicz - 17pp PowerPoint
Women and the 1916 Rising - 18pp PowerPoint

1916 Ancestry Project


1916 Ancestry ProjectThe Proclamation for a New Generation proved to be a huge success with almost 1,000 different schools uploading their proclamations on Scoilnet. The Ancestry Project invites students to trace their family tree back to 1916 and upload their work to Scoilnet. There is no limit to the number of projects that teachers can upload.. The projects can be uploaded to a special searchable area of Scoilnet.

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Easter Rising 1916

Scoilnet 1916 2The Rising was a key event in Irish history. The resources in this Scoilnet Themepage collection have been reviewed by teachers for their relevance to the Irish curriculum. Many have been created by teachers for teachers!

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Ordnance Survey relief map symbols

os_relief_mapsOSi have introduced some minor changes to the legend of their Discovery Mapping series. In 2016, the State Examinations Commission will use Discovery Series OS maps with the newly designed legend and redesigned symbols in examination papers.

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Climate change resources and others recently shared

Qu'est-ce que le changement climatique? Useful resource to introduce students to the vocabulary around climate change.
Habitudes alimentaires des Français pour Noël
Mini-livre de Noël

The Irish Flag website

Scoilnet has developed a mini-site exploring the historical evolution of the flag and its adoption by the Irish state. The content on the site is presented through a series of 'stories' and by a 'timeline'.

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History Support Material - reminder!

Just to remind teachers that a special collection of resources has been pulled from the old website – built to support the new curriculum for Senior Cycle History. The resources are centred around: Teaching History; Research Study; Documents-Based Study.

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Search or Share!

Scoilnet’s 11,000+ resources are handpicked by teachers for their relevance to the curriculum. Join fellow teachers by adding your resources – it could be a webpage you find online or a resource you create yourself. All you need is your Scoilnet Account. Included are resources, developed with SCRATCH, which are great for Maths assessment.

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