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Film stars of the future attend glittering awards ceremony

8th November: The eagerly awaited annual FÍS Film Festival will take place on 8th November in the Helix, Dublin. This Awards extravaganza celebrates primary school children’s creative thinking, imagination and teamwork through the medium of film. A wide variety of films and animations have been shortlisted for this year’s festival from schools around the country. From storyboarding to post-production, the children have developed, directed and starred in these original short films. The FÍS Film Festival is a fantastic showcase of the creative and ingenious use of digital media in the classroom.

Now in its 8th year, the Festival is one of the most anticipated dates in the primary school calendar. Awards will be presented in several categories including acting, directing, animation, adaptation, editing, special effects, soundtrack and production design.

Commenting on this year’s FÍS Film Festival, Karin Whooley, PDST Technology in Education, said: “We were overwhelmed by the number of films submitted, there was a 100% increase in the number of entries compared to last year and the standard of the films impressed all the judges.”  
“FÍS gives children the opportunity to use digital technologies to support their learning across a range of curricular areas including literacy development and assessment. It also provides the opportunity to develop social skills such as working together and respecting the abilities and opinions of their peers. This learning process culminates in a high quality short film that schools can be proud of. And a lucky few will even leave the Helix with a much coveted FÍS award!”


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Notes to the editor:
FÍS is an initiative of the Department of Education and Skills that is rolled out by PDST Technology in Education in collaboration with   the Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT).  It uniquely brings together 1st and 3rd level education sectors as the primary school children produce the films and the 2nd year IADT students are wholly responsible for the broadcasting of the films at the FÍS Film Festival in the Helix on 8th November 2012.

The FÍS methodology empowers teachers and children to explore the medium of film and digital media in the primary curriculum.  FÍS helps develops many different areas of the primary curriculum and in particular develops creative thinking, language, imagination, teamwork and problem solving skills as well as giving children hands-on experience of using technology as part of the film making process.  

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