Introduction to Tablets (Primary) (online)

Suitable for users of Android, iPad and Windows tablets, this is an interactive online course introducing you to the use of tablets in the primary classroom. The course contains basic tablet tutorials to help you get started on how to use a tablet, as well as video exemplars of teachers using this technology to support learning in their classrooms. This course may be suitable for ‘additional’ (Croke Park) hours and can completed either as an individual or as a school group.

Duration2 hours
Skill LevelBasic
Target AudienceAll primary teachers
PrerequisitesBasic ICT skills. Participants should have experience of carrying out basic ICT tasks (opening, editing, saving, closing files) and be proficient in using an Internet browser. No prior experience of using a tablet is needed.

Online course availability, requirements and access

The course is delivered via Please return to for information on available dates (see the Course Schedule). Enrolment links appear on once the course is open for enrolment (login first, then see the link labelled “PDST Technology in Education - Courses on digital technologies in teaching and learning. ENROL HERE”).

Technical Requirements: To access and complete this course we strongly recommend the use of a laptop or desktop for a good user experience, along with a tablet (android, windows based or iPad) to review apps and complete activities. A good broadband connection is also required. Please ensure the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari is installed on your device(s). 

Course Content

The course can be completed in two ways:

  1. Individual content completion + individual online assignment
  2. Individual content completion + group assignment (with a group of teachers in your school)

The course content consists of one module providing an introduction to tablet use in the primary classroom and is followed by the assignment. The content includes:

  • Basic tablet tutorials (for Android, iPad and Windows devices)
  • Ideas for classroom implementation of tablets
  • Video examples of teachers using tablets in the classroom
  • Information on how tablets can support students with SEN
  • Accessibility information and guidelines
  • A wide range of apps and online resources for use with tablets in the classroom.

Learning Outcomes

Having completed this course, participants will be enabled to:

  • Use the basic tools and functions associated with most tablets
  • Plan lessons which integrate tablets to enhance learning
  • Use tablets to support pupils with special educational needs
  • Identify apps and other online resources to support numeracy, literacy and SEN.