The main functions of PDST Technology in Education fall into two categories:

  1. Providing a range of ICT-related support services to schools.
  2. Policy development, strategic and administrative functions.

ICT support services to schools

  • Providing relevant and up to date ICT advice and support to schools on a range of appropriate and suitable technologies
  • Coordinating the Schools Broadband Programme for all primary and post-primary schools, and managing the Broadband Service Desk as a single point of contact for schools to support the delivery of online content and learning resources
  • Designing and delivering a comprehensive national programme of continuing professional development for teachers to assist them in integrating ICT into learning and teaching
  • Supporting and promoting the use, application and development of digital content which is relevant to the Irish curriculum
    • through the on-going development of Scoilnet as a portal site, which provides access to thousands of teacher reviewed resources relevant to the Irish curriculum.
    • through the evaluation and development of digital materials and resources (including software) and
    • project partnerships
  • Developing internet safety programmes, subject modules and advising on the development and use of, Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) in schools
  • Supporting and facilitating leadership in schools as it relates to e-Learning planning
  • Supporting the innovative use and integration of ICT in schools through pilot projects
  • Providing a general ICT advice service to schools via the phone, email and website.

Policy development, strategic and administrative functions

  • Providing advice to & developing policy proposals for the Department of Education and Skills (DES) on issues related to the development & use of ICT in the Irish education system
  • Providing support to the Minister as regards strategic issues relating to ICT and education
  • Providing information and advice to other educational agencies on ICT in education
  • Encouraging the integration of ICT in education across other organisations, agencies, and in industry
  • Promoting curriculum innovations to enhance learning through the use of ICTs in the classroom.
  • Undertaking research on the best uses of ICT in education and on the status of ICT in education on a national level
  • Maintaining Irish involvement in EU and international projects related to ICT and education
  • Participating in and contributing to the work of a wide range of working groups and committees at national and international levels
  • Managing the funding for the administration of the schools ICT support service