en - Local Teacher Facilitators


To assist with its work, PDST Technology in Education employs teachers on a casual, temporary, part-time basis throughout the year. Those employed are usually fully qualified and experienced teachers with expertise in using ICT for teaching and learning, and with specific subject or knowledge areas or technical expertise. The nature of the work differs across initiatives but common examples would be CPD course design, content development, creation of digital resources, e-moderation, facilitation of communities of practice, video tutorial development, technical writing, research, focus group participation, evaluators of projects, editing etc. Work is commissioned by the Deputy Director, ICT or the National Co-ordinators. Most of the work can be completed outside of normal school hours. The fees and any associated travel costs are based on the Teacher Education Section rates for teachers.

If you would like to be considered for inclusion on the panel for future opportunities, please forward your CV and a cover letter noting your areas of interest and expertise to denisebrennan@pdst.ie. Your CV should include your personal contact details, your qualifications and experience.