Good Practice

Good Practice

Understanding the application of ICT in the classroom and seeing the practical implementation of ICT in learning and teaching is most important for teachers. Throughout this section we will provide a range of different good practice examples which can help teachers in progressing the use and integration of ICT in learning and teaching. Many of the ideas and examples will be drawn from and built upon the experiences in Irish classrooms and other countries.

  • Videos

    Show me, don’t tell me! There is no better way for teachers to understand what we mean by “ICT integration” in learning and teaching than seeing it in action. In these short video clips, teachers will have access to some prac... Find out More >
  • Projects

    PDST Technology in Education manages and participates in some innovative educational projects which show best practice in the integrated use of ICT in learning and teaching. Seeing what other teachers have done in their class... Find out More >
  • Internet Safety

    The Internet has become the most popular research and communication tool at home and in school.  Most young people use its wonderful opportunities wisely but there can be privacy and safety risks to children with its use.  We... Find out More >