Coding for Teachers

Coding for Teachers

Welcome to our page of curated coding and computational thinking resources. This webpage will help you find information on what courses are available for teachers, how you can access coding resources and get involved in coding initiatives, and there are lots of ideas on how to embed coding and computational thinking into your practice, whether you are a beginner on your coding journey, or already using coding and computational thinking in your classroom. Select the links below to get started.

  • Introduction to Coding and Computational Thinking

    So what do we mean by coding and computational thinking? Computational thinking, quite literally, means breaking a problem down into simple steps so that a computer could solve it. Coding is how these steps are communicated w... Find out More >
  • Coding and the Digital Learning Framework

    Coding and computational thinking map directly to standards and statements of highly effective practice on the Digital Learning Framework. We’ve compiled some examples below. Consider your school’s Digital Learning Plan. Is t... Find out More >
  • Professional Development in Coding for Teachers

    Whether you are a complete beginner, or an experienced coder, we have something to suit every level. Check out our own PDST Technology in Education courses as well as courses provided by our educational partners below: Find out More >
  • Good Practice Videos

    What does coding and computational thinking look like in a classroom setting. Check out some of our good practice videos to find out more. Filmed in Irish classrooms, they feature every level from Junior Infants upwards and i... Find out More >
  • Coding for Students

    This page includes additional resources for coding, including tutorials you can give to your students, popular coding apps and software and other resources that teachers use to support coding and computational thinking. The s... Find out More >
  • Get involved in Coding Initiatives

    Now that you've explored our resources, why not get involved in EU Code week and some of the many other coding and computational thinking initiatives available to teachers and schools. Find out More >