Good Practice Videos


What does coding and computational thinking look like in a classroom setting? Check out some of our good practice videos to find out more. Filmed in Irish primary classrooms, they involve a wide range of tools, software and devices, including Beebots, Scratch, Lego WeDo and others.


Codail I Rang OSIE
Sinéad Ní Dhiolúin from Gaelscoil Uí Fhiaich describes how she uses coding in an SESE lesson about recycling and litter. The pupils work in groups to create recycling trucks using Lego WeDo. They then programme the trucks to move around and create a recycling centre with the Lego. The children have shared access to netbooks with the Lego Wedo software installed on them to conduct this project.

STEM and Robotics in 5th & 6th Class

A 5th and 6th class teacher demonstrates a robotics lesson for STEM which is conducted with the help of Seagate in Derry. The lesson incorporates the use of robots, Scratch programming and smartphones and the pupils carry out various tasks in groups. The lesson involves communicating and problem solving.

Computational Thinking in Attymass National School

Principal, Sean Gallagher, describes his school's approach to computational thinking from infants to sixth class. This includes the use of Beebots, Scratch, Lego Wedo and engaging in computational thinking challenges, such as Bebras.

Using Beebots in Junior Infants

This video describes how Beebots are used for station teaching with Junior Infants. The programme involves teaching children skills such as problem solving, instructional language, sequencing and organising. The stations include small world, treasure maps, learning directions, phonics, 2D shapes, construction and the Beebot app on tablets.

Scratch for Music

In Cloghans Hill NS, Iseult Mangan uses Scratch to support teaching and learniing in a Music lesson. Her senior pupils translate music notation into Scratch code to play songs in the software. This tasks supports differentiation as all pupils can work to their own level. While Scratch may not feature in every music class, it is a useful tool to include at various times throughout the year.

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