Documents for Cluster Groups


School Excellence Fund – Digital and STEM

As outlined at the Opening Learning event, held on 2nd May, for participating clusters a number of templates have been developed to assist projects in developing Project Plans and timelines which will facilitate project sign off and approval to proceed as well as further templates to streamline reporting and expenditure monitoring as the projects progress.

Immediate requirements for Sign Off

  • Submission of Budget (templates already issued for completion) and approval of budget submissions.
  • Submission of High Level Project Plan, to cover 3 years of programme. The template for completion is Project 3 Year Plan.docx  (size 33.7 KB).This document should be completed by the Cluster Coordinator in consultation with the participating schools and should:
    • Highlight high level actions and deliverables, and to tie those to the overall project objectives and intended outcomes. These should be drawn from the Project Proposals already submitted and approved
    • Detail actions/deliverables associated with the outcomes of the project
    • Indicate term and year of delivery for those. It should be noted that more detailed annual project schedules/programmes of work will also be required (at project commencement in Term 1).
  • Both of the above are required by May 22nd.

Approval and sign off by June 1st.

Templates for use during project implementation

Project Progress Report Final.docx (size 33.6 KB). Document to be completed by the Cluster Coordinator in consultation with the participating schools.  It should provide the School Excellence Fund – Digital/STEM with a clear picture of progress to date as to the actions detailed in the Project 3 Year Plan.  It should clearly indicate the status of the overall project – categorised as follows – Achieved, Not achieved, In Progress or Partially Achieved.

To note: for the purposes of this report, school terms are defined as follows: Term 1 (September to December), Term 2 (January to Easter), and Term 3 (Easter to end of school year).

These reports are designed to assist project coordinators in monitoring progress and provides the Working Group with the next term plan for approval and provide estimates of substitution requirements for the next term.

This report should be submitted two weeks prior to the end of each school term during the school year.

Project Expenditure Report.xlsx (size 13.1 KB).This template (Excel sheet) must be maintained, and track all project expenditure, aligning the expenditure with relevant project actions and deliverables, and provide details of all procurement undertaken. All documentation associated with each expenditure item should be maintained and be available for audit purposes.

This will be required on a bi-annual basis, two weeks prior to the end of Term 1, and two weeks prior to the end of Term 3 i.e. the third and final term of the school year.

Project Plan/ Schedule.xlsx (size 11.8 KB). This is a suggested template for use in defining the project schedule/programme of work, and includes all of the items that we would advise should be noted in order to proceed to implementation, and in order to track progress on the project. Schools may use an alternative format if they so wish, or a preferred project management software, but for consistency and reporting activities the headings detailed in the template are required.

Financial & Procurement Information.docx (size 15.8 KB). High level guidelines around ensuring compliance with requirements of financial management and procurement regulations.

Budget_Template.xlsx (size 14 KB)

Progress Report Plan Template.docx (size 29.5 KB)