• Safer Internet DayWednesday  20  Jan 2021Safer Internet Day 2021 will take place on Tuesday, February 9th.
  • Distance Learning WebpageThursday  14  Jan 2021The PDST Digital Technologies team set up this page in March 2020, and it continues to be updated with the latest tools and resources for teaching and learning remotely, as well as a specific YouTube channel of video tutorials for teachers.
  • Distance Learning Safety Advice and ConsiderationsThursday  14  Jan 2021With learning and education once again moving online, here is a reminder of some key considerations that schools should factor into their plans to ensure a safe learning experience for students and teachers.
  • Online LearningThursday  14  Jan 2021Our Online Learning section contains, amongst other things, information about learning platforms.
  • 10 Tips for Teaching OnlineThursday  14  Jan 2021Written during school closures in 2020, this is a good starting point for teachers who need a reminder of some useful approaches for teaching online as well as where to find resources and supports.
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