• Good Practice VideosThursday  13  May 2021Teacher, Ciara Fitzpatrick, describes how her students engage with videos she has created and uploaded to Youtube as homework on their own devices..
  • Primary Online Summer CoursesThursday  13  May 2021The August version of the online summer course providing an Introduction to Digital Citizenship Education (Primary), August 3-19 is enrolling today, May 13th.
  • Parents - How to Enable TikTok Privacy and Safety SettingsWednesday  12  May 2021Did you know that TikTok default privacy settings vary depending on the age of the user?
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  • Scoilnet: Ways to Consolidate LearningWednesday  12  May 2021Consolidation is a stage where new material is reviewed and learning is reinforced. Students use this consolidation time to summarise, make connections, form relationships, remember ideas, and build on understanding.
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