• Tech Week & ScoilnetFriday  16  Apr 2021Tech Week 2021 (April 17th to 23rd) is a festival of technology which aims to inspire students to engage actively with STEM subjects..
  • Scoilnet Maths Hub: Full of ResourcesFriday  16  Apr 2021The Scoilnet Maths Hub page is continually growing with new resources from teachers, PDST Maths team, IMTA, NCSE, and more contributors.
  • 10 Themes of Digital CitizenshipThursday  15  Apr 2021Digital technologies and being online provides children with opportunities to create, play, connect, socialise, and to learn.
  • Good Practice VideosThursday  15  Apr 2021In this newsletter we continue to showcase the videos which were made in post primary schools in Autumn 2020..
  • Attn: Post Primary TeachersThursday  15  Apr 2021Some online courses suitable for post primary teachers remain open until the end of term, including the still popular Developing a Digital Learning Plan for your School course.
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