EUN Course: Administering School ICT infrastructure: developing your knowledge and skills, producing an ICT Development Plan


European Schoolnet Academy are currently running a course on 'Administering School ICT infrastructure: developing your knowledge and skills'.


European Schoolnet Academy runs a number of ICT related online courses/MOOCS  for schools.  They are currently running a second version of course that they initially ran in 2017 on 'Administering School ICT infrastructure: developing your knowledge and skills', which may be of interest.

This course brings together ICT administrators to hear about current practices and new developments, to learn from each other and to reflect on their work through a mix of over 20 specially commissioned video case studies produced by practitioners, live webinars with expert input, and stimulating, enjoyable and relevant activities and discussions. The course aims to build your knowledge, skills and confidence in six key topic areas: Optimising the school network, Wireless networking and Bring Your Own Device, Cloud models and services, Securing networks and digital safety, New tools and services (including technology for special needs), and Professional skills and tips, including producing a school ICT development plan.

Though the course title may give the impression that this is a technical course, this is not the case, and so it should be of interest to ICT coordinating teachers in schools.
The course opened on 15th January, but participants can still register and participate, as it's self -paced, and flexible. Registration is open to anyone, and there were some participants from Ireland last time. The course finishes on 7th March, though content may still be available after that date.


 Their other courses cover areas such as Online Safety, STEM, Progressing Technology - Enhancing Teaching, Mentoring etc.

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