Useful Weblinks - January 2012

interactive whiteboard

Dr Hall asks Minister Quinn some pertinent questions on patronage of schools and learning and assessment in pre-school and primary education.


MakeUseOf Cheat Sheets

Check out MakeUseOf cheat sheets that list shortcuts for a number of essential programs that you probably use on a daily basis. Those will definitely make you more productive. All free. Enjoy! Share them with everyone!


Coding for our lives

"Computer programming should be one of the most important subjects in schools. John Kennedy meets the young programmers who prove Ireland is a rich source of talent." Interesting article from


Tools for Teachers - Scoilnet

One of the great benefits of the internet is the availability of online applications that have the potential to make life so much easier for the teacher.


BBC Micro celebrates thirtieth anniversary

Thirty years ago the BBC offered for sale its first Micro, a home computer that went on to change the history of computing.
Launched only months after IBM's first PC, the 1981 BBC Micro or ‘Beeb' was aimed squarely at home enthusiasts rather than business and therein lay the foundation of its huge influence.


Choices 2012 Expo

2nd-level students, seeking information about their options, and guidance counsellors are invited to attend Choices 2012, Ireland's Education, Careers & Skills Fair, to be held at the RDS Industries Hall, Dublin, where they will receive a wide variety of information from educational and careers exhibitors as well as seminars and talks about careers and general options for school leavers.


FÍS Film Festival

Relive the excitement of the 2011 FÍS Film Festival on the new NCTE Facebook page: (Might not work on the SBN unless you have opted for Level 6).

TES Christmas Resources

Download the new TES Topics 12 Games of Christmas iPhone and iPad app for free right now! It features 3 fantastic educational numeracy games for ages 4–10 that can be played on the go.

(links to iTunes store)