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Scoilnet Learning Paths

Create a collection of Scoilnet resources. Organise them by theme, Subject, class or topic and share!Scoilnet Learning Paths


A Learning Path is a new feature on Scoilnet that enables teachers to select and organise resources from the Scoilnet site into a sequence or collection and share it with their peers or pupils.This sequence or collection is numbered and may include resources which are grouped by theme, subject, class, topic or whatever the teacher chooses.

As part of creating the Learning Path, the teacher may describe how it is to be used, for example for planning, lesson development, homework provision and so on.

Want to learn even more about Scoilnet Learning Paths?

In this video, teacher Mark Boggins, Holy Family National School, describes how he uses Scoilnet Learning Paths for the topic of the Famine in class, as well as for areas such as planning, lesson development and homework provision.

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