Teaching Online for Primary and Post Primary Teachers


A new online course aimed at teachers who are teaching remotely.


We have launched a new online course aimed at teachers who are teaching remotely at the moment, entitled 'Teaching Online for Primary and Post Primary Teachers'.

The course focuses on how to get started teaching online, finding suitable online resources and how to use them (including Scoilnet, Webwise and World Book online), communicating with students and creating your own content. The course includes

  • lessons on False Information (particularly relevant at the moment) from the Webwise HTML Heroes and Connected resources
  • useful features of World Book Online, such as the ability to translate all content to Gaeilge and other languages
  • how to create a Scoilnet Learning Path
  • how to use Scoilnet to find resources
  • creating audio presentations, videos, screencasts
  • digital copyright
  • where to find information on school Learning Management Systems and much more, via the new distance and online learning pages set up by PDST / PDST Technology in Education
  • ideas on the types of activities that can be mediated in an online setting, along with what works well and tips on how to overcome any challenges

We also encourage teachers to share their resources and knowledge with colleagues, as well as to ask colleagues for help.
The course draws quite a bit on the content of the two excellent distance learning pages that we have already set up:

Distance Learning
Online Learning

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