Irish Independent 1916 magazine for schools


The Irish Independent 1916 magazine for schools is designed to help students and teachers learn about, and take part in, the many exciting events included in the Youth and Imagination section of 'Ireland 2016' - the official programme of activities to mark the 1916 Centenary.


Schools 1916 pages 2-3
History of a nation is there for all to discover. Young people will find learning about 1916 a thrilling experience.

Schools 1916 pages 4-5
Uncovering history: how you too can use the 1916 archives

Schools 1916 pages 8-9
Children the focus for flag project. Every school in the State will be getting a new national flag.

Schools 1916 pages 10-11
What was it like for children at school in 1916?

Schools 1916 pages 12-13
The Proclaimers. Schoolchildren are being asked to write a new version of the 1916 Proclamation.

Schools 1916 pages 14-15
Recording history for future generations. From copybooks to laptops: how to recreate a 1930s schools’ project in the digital age. By Sean Gallagher from PDST Technology in Education.

Schools 1916 pages 16-17
The A to Z of 1916...

Schools 1916 pages 18-19
Drama: Through the eyes of a child. Film: FÍS: Make History - Make a Movie.

Schools 2016 pages 20-21
A Social and Online Rising. How to Join in with the Children of the Revolution.

Schools 1916 pages 22-23
More ways to learn about the Rising...