Other Publications/Reports

A number of important ICT-related reports have been published in recent years. These are listed below.


Report of the Strategy Group appointed by the Minister for Education and Skills to advise on the priorities for investment in ICT in Schools, having regard to the critical success factors for successful integration of ICT into learning and teaching.

Blueprint for the Future of ICT in Irish Education.PDF (size 677.6 KB)
Building on this success in policy implementation terms, the Department published “Blueprint for the Future of ICT in Irish Education– a three-year strategic action plan 2001 – 2003 (December 2000) which set out a three year strategic action plan for ICT in schools. While recognising some new areas and necessary shifts in emphases the core policy objectives and implementation priorities remained the same in both policies.

The Impact of Schools IT 2000.pdf (size 2.3 MB)
National Policy Advisory and Development Committee Report and Recommendations to the Minister for Education and Science

ICT in Schools - Inspectorate Evaluation Studies

An evaluation report prepared by the Department’s Inspectorate. Based on case studies of over fifty schools, inspections in over 180 schools and survey evidence from almost 1400 teachers, over 900 principals and over 900 students, ICT in Schools is the first major study of the impact that ICT is having on teaching and learning in Irish primary and post-primary schools.

NCTE 2005 Census on ICT Infrastructure in Schools.pdf (size 379 KB)

This latest ICT census publication provides the most recent compiled information on ICT infrastructure relating to Primary, Post Primary and Special Schools in Ireland. It is available here as a downloadable pdf file. NCTE has previously carried out and published an ICT Census of schools in 1998, 2000, and 2002.

e-Learning Handbook

The NCTE’s e-Learning Handbook outlines the process of planning for e-Learning in your school and has been developed in consultation with the school development planning initiatives at primary and post primary level (PPDS & SDPI/SLSS). It provides a step by step guide to the development of the school’s e-Learning Plan and outlines the key roles and responsibilities of all involved in the development of the plan.

e-Learning Roadmap

The e-Learning Roadmap is a planning tool designed to help your school identify where it currently is in relation to e-Learning, and where it would like to go.

In-service Seminar For Post Principals: Planning for ICT

The NCTE organised a nationwide programme of in-service seminars for post- primary principals on planning for ICT in your school from November 2010 - February 2011.The aim of the seminar was to provide Principals with an overview of what planning for ICT involves and some practical advice and information on the supports available to you and your teachers in furthering the use of ICT in learning and teaching.

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