The e-Learning Roadmap

The e-Learning Roadmap is a planning tool designed to help your school identify where it currently is in relation to e-Learning, and where it would like to go.


Roadmap Image (small)

The e-Learning Roadmap provides a number of statements under the following headings:

  • Leadership & Planning
  • ICT & the Curriculum
  • Professional Development
  • e-Learning Culture
  • ICT Infrastructure

The statements are categorised as follows: Initial; e-Enabled; e-Confident & e-Mature.

The e-Learning Roadmap is available in a number of different formats:

  • Printed as an A2 poster in the e-Learning Handbook.
  • To download as an A2 poster.
  • To download, section by section.

PDF Versions of Roadmap:

Download as an A2 poster: English versionIrish version

Download and print section by section:

Leadership and Planning Area

ICT in the Curriculum area

Professional Development area

eLearning Culture area

ICT Infrastructure area

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