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Distance Learning

Schools already use a range of online learning websites and learning platforms to support teaching and learning. These tools provide schools with options to support teaching and learning for their pupils & students, including relevant content, classwork and opportunities for enhanced learner engagement.


We've provided a set of links below to resources and online tools to assist schools in providing learners with access to relevant content, classwork and opportunities for enhanced learner engagement. If you need support in this area we'll be providing ongoing updates on our PDST Distance Learning page, on PDST-TiE Twitter, or you can contact us at . 

New Teaching Online Course AvailableThis course has been prepared specifically to help teachers as they continue to teach and support their students' learning online during school closures. Click here to access the course.

Scoilnet is the National Portal for Education and supports Primary and Post Primary teachers in using the best available resources for teaching and learning. Within Scoilnet we'd like to draw your attention to the following areas, which may be of particular relevance during the closure period: 

Learning Paths:  These will be useful for teachers who wish to give students a list of resources to look at in a guided manner. Teachers select resources and add to a 'learning path'.

Subject Pages: These have recently been created and are effectively a mini hub featuring a series of resource collections.

The Maths and Science pages are particularly well developed.

The Science page too features a lot of 'challenges' recently shared by a teacher aimed at meeting the learning outcomes of JC Science. Oral language resources - In recent years we have put a lot of effort in to providing support for teachers / students for oral languages including Gaeilge Bealtriail, German general conversation and French general conversation

Videos for Online TeachingWith the closure of schools, we have reviewed our Good Practice videos and selected some which contain activities that could be adapted for use in an online teaching and learning scenario.

Some of the most popular learning platforms and tools being used by schools in Ireland are Google G Suite for Education (including Google Classroom) or Microsoft Office 365/Teams, Apple, AladdinSchoology, EdmodoSchoolwise, Khan Academy, ZoomIrishHomework, ClassDojoand Seesaw are other online tools / learning platforms used by schools. RTE's Home School Hub is also great resource for schools and parents.

Here are two recent articles relevant to school closures: 

G Suite for EducationWith school closures, teachers can keep their lessons going remotely

Microsoft Office365/Teams: How schools can ramp up remote learning programs quickly with Microsoft Teams

Additional Resources:

More tools to support learning

Reliable sources of information

Video Content

For schools at an early stage of engaging with online learning tools, making decisions on suitable options for your situation can be challenging. Seeking advice from a similar type of school that is already successfully using these tools is an excellent way of getting relevant up to date information and feedback, however also please feel free to contact us.

Support links for PDST and PDST Technology in Education:

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