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Teachers – PDST Technology in Education provides courses and other continuing professional development opportunities to support the integration of digital technologies in teaching, learning and assessment and to help with Digital Learning Planning in your school. There are no course fees.

Note: Face to face courses are delivered through the education centre network. Contact your local education centre for face to face course details/bookings. 

  • Courses section:  detailed course descriptions (online courses only) 
  • Online Course Access:  links to our online course platform and enrolment information
  • Evaluation Forms: handy links to forms for local face to face course participants and tutors. (For national term-time courses, your tutor has the evaluation form link.)


New online course on using video...

A new online course, Using Video to Enhance and Create Resources (Post Primary), is now available via TeacherCPD.ieRead More >

Assessment Feedback and Digital Technologies (Primary)

This short online course supports primary teachers in using digital technologies to provide assessment feedback to their pupils.Read More >

Assessment Feedback and Digital Technologies (Post Primary)

This new online course supports post primary teachers in providing assessment to students using online/digital technologiesRead More >

Teaching Online: an online course

This course on Teaching Online was developed to support teachers during the current challenging circumstances faced by all schools due to Covid-19.Read More >

Online Courses Autumn Schedule

Take a look at the full autumn online course schedule on TeacherCPD.ieRead More >

  • Face to Face Courses

    Face to face courses on using digital technologies in teaching, learning and assessment are provided by your local education centre . These courses are funded by PDST Technology in Education. Find out More >
  • Whole School Training (face to face)

    Where the numbers are sufficient, face to face training courses can be delivered to a group of staff. This has the advantage of allowing existing course material to be tailored to the particular needs of participants. Find out More >