Creating Podcasts for the Primary Language Curriculum (online)

This short course introduces you to podcasting in the primary classroom, in particular to support the Primary Language Curriculum. The course is designed with key inputs from the PDST Primary Language Curriculum team and shows you the benefits of podcasting, how it supports the Primary Language Curriculum and the tools and skills you need to create your own podcast. The course will look at podcast creation tools including Anchor, Audacity and Garageband. Participants will be asked to choose one of these tools to create a sample podcast.

Duration1.5 hours
Skill LevelBasic
Target AudienceAll (primary) teachers

Online course availability, requirements and access

The course is delivered via First, check the Course Schedule for information on available dates. Enrolment links appear on once the course is open for enrolment (login first, then see the link labelled “Find links to enrol, here”).

Technical Requirements: Participants will be required to download one (free) app. A good broadband internet connection and a laptop, desktop pc or tablet (with the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari installed) are also required.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be enabled to:

  • Describe what a podcast is and the benefits of using podcasts to support the Primary Language Curriculum
  • List some ways in which podcasts could be used in their classroom
  • Listen to and reflect on examples of podcasts created in Irish schools
  • Plan a podcasting lesson for their class
  • Understand the basic functions of digital tools used to create podcasts
  • Create a sample podcast


Course Content

There are three modules in this course

The what and why of podcasting

The first module looks at what podcasts are and how they can benefit learning. It explains digital literacy and provides a number of ideas for using podcasts effectively for the Primary Language Curriculum.

Podcasting tools and resources

In this module participants will explore the different stages of planning and creating a podcast, what tools and devices are needed and will engage with some basic video tutorials on how to create a podcast.

Planning and creating a podcast for your classroom

This module will look at sample podcast projects based on the outcomes of the Primary Language Curriculum, applications for cross-curricular podcasts and participants will have the opportunity to create and publish a simple podcast.