Digital Storytelling (Post Primary) (online)

This course explains the benefits and potential of digital storytelling to improve key skills across a range of subject areas, including Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), Maths and many others. It demonstrates how to find copyright-free music and images online and shows you how to create your own digital story using one of a range of tools and applications. This course also provides examples of digital stories created by teachers and students to support learning.

Duration1 hour
Skill LevelBasic
Target AudienceAll (post primary) teachers

Online course availability, requirements and access

The course is delivered via First, check the Course Schedule for information on available dates. Enrolment links appear on once the course is open for enrolment (login first, then see the link labelled “Find links to enrol, here”).

Technical Requirements: A good broadband internet connection and a laptop, desktop pc or tablet (with the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari installed).

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be enabled to:

  • Explain the benefits of digital storytelling to improve key skills and support teaching, learning and assessment in their subject
  • Recognise the potential of the digital storytelling process to improve students’ ability to critically reflect upon their learning
  • Examine how the digital storytelling process supports students’ understanding of subject area knowledge as well as improving engagement and motivation
  • Be aware of the digital tools that can be used for digital storytelling activities
  • Explore where to ethically source appropriate resources for students to support the creation of digital stories.

Course Content

The course covers everything you need to know from the benefits and approaches to digital storytelling, to ideas for the use of digital storytelling across the curriculum, to the creation of your own digital story. The course has three main sections:

  • Introduction to digital storytelling
  • Digital storytelling across the curriculum
  • Creating a digital story

The course also includes contributing to a ‘Padlet Wall’ to share ideas on how you would use digital storytelling in your subject area.