ICT in the Post Primary MFL Classroom (online)

This is an updated version of the course previously offered (prior to 2020). It is a highly interactive course providing an overview of a range of technologies, including tablets and other technologies, and how they can be used to support teaching and learning of modern foreign languages. Participants are supported throughout the course by experienced e-tutors/MFL teachers who themselves have a wealth of experience of using ICT in teaching and learning. This PDST Technology in Education course has been developed in collaboration with the Post Primary Languages Initiative (PPLI).

Duration5 hours (expect to spend approx. one hour per week over five weeks as each of the five modules is released)
Skill LevelBasic
Target AudiencePost primary teachers of modern foreign languages including, but not limited to, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Russian.
PrerequisitesBasic ICT Skills: Participants should have experience of carrying out basic ICT tasks (open, editing, saving, closing files) and be comfortable using the Internet.

Online course availability, requirements and access

The course is delivered via TeacherCPD.ie. Enrolment is closed for Spring 2020 but the course is expected to be available again in autumn 2020 (October).

Please go to/return to the TeacherCPD.ie Course Schedule for the latest information on available dates for each term. Enrolment links appear on TeacherCPD.ie once the course is open for enrolment (login first, then see the link labelled “Find links to enrol, here”).

Technical Requirements: A good broadband internet connection and a laptop, desktop pc or tablet (with the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari installed).

Learning Outcomes

This course should enable participants to:

  • Use a range of technologies, including tablets, effectively in the MFL classroom
  • Identify, use and share curriculum relevant online resources for the MFL classroom
  • Explore the use of the internet to connect with Target Language (TL) users and communities
  • Explore the use of ICT for assessment in the MFL classroom
  • Create MFL learning resources using ICT
  • Discuss the use of ICT for MFL with other course participants, with a particular focus on their own classroom.

Course Content

This is a highly interactive online course which consists of the following 5 modules:

Module 1 – Writing using ICT in the MFL Classroom

In this introductory module participants will explore different ways of producing written material using ICT and look at how this can support students’ writing in the TL.

Module 2 – Digital Presentations in the MFL Classroom

This module explores how digital presentations can be used to encourage students to communicate using the TL. Incorporating images, text and narration digital presentations can be a very effective way of enhancing students’ skills in the TL.

Module 3 – Online Resources in the MFL Classroom

This module provides links to some of the most popular online resources for the MFL classroom and demonstrates how they can be incorporated into the MFL classroom.

Module 4 – Digital Media in the MFL Classroom

In this module, participants are introduced to ways in which images, sound and video can be incorporated into the MFL classroom. This module covers the use of tablet devices in particular and shows how they can be used to support MFL teaching and learning.

Module 5 – Digital Storytelling in the MFL Classroom

Digital stories can incorporate written text, images, narration and music and therefore present an opportunity for students to enhance their oral, aural and written language skills. This module shows how digital stories can be used in the MFL classroom.

Some comments from those who completed the previous version of this course:

“I have been teaching for over 25 years!!! This is the most engaging and valuable course I have ever done. Everyone should do it!”

“This has been a fabulous course, full of links and ideas for use in the classroom. A very special thanks to the e-tutor for the support and positivity all the way through. Working as a group in the fora was very beneficial to learn how others reacted to the links and used them in the classroom.”

“I am amazed by the wealth of resources that I have gleaned from doing this course, and I look forward to putting them all to good use, hopefully sooner rather than later.”

“What a wonderful course. The key point for me was seeing how others are utilising ICT in the classroom. It has really motivated me to drive on and try different online tools. I found the  videos really engaging and hope to be able to incorporate some of the ideas in the future.”

“This was such a wonderful course and gave me the confidence to use ICT in the classroom. Indeed it has really motivated me to go even further and try other things. I have also joined forces with some of the students who help me out when the technology becomes challenging for me!”