Local face to face courses

Local face to face courses are courses which are developed and delivered locally by the education centre in support of specific local needs. As such, they are additional to and different from the standard, national course offering from PDST Technology in Education. They are, however, fully funded by PDST Technology in Education and provided free of charge to teachers/schools. They may be custom designed to address the specific needs of teachers within a school on a whole-school basis, or may be offered to all schools based on local demand by a local education centre. Courses can also be provided to small clusters of interested teachers within a school.

Skill LevelBasic
SectorPost-primary, Primary
Target Audiencevarious

Course Details

Local courses can have a variety of content related to digital technologies in teaching and learning, customised to the school’s specific technology, software and learning needs and/or tailored to address the skill levels of participants. Subject to school management decisions, they may suit the requirements for 'additional hours' ( 'Croke Park hours').


The courses can be school-based or, in some cases, can be held in another local venue such as a local education centre.


While the content of these courses is largely determined by the requirements of the schools/participants, some ideas and approaches to consider include the following:

  • A course can tailored to the needs of a local cluster of small primary schools, whose teachers may be geographically distant from the education centre and who may benefit from the opportunity to collaborate and learn together.
  • For post-primary schools, local ICT course funding provides an opportunity to pursue subject-specific use of digital technologies such as learning how to use digital tools and resources in Art, Science and so on.
  • Larger post primary schools may have enough teachers in one subject department to arrange a very specific course tailored to their needs, or they may wish to cluster with subject departments of other local post primary schools.

Some specific content ideas:

  • Creating digital learning resources focused on specific curriculum strands/strand units.
  • Learning how best to use specific software programs or technology in use in a particular school.
  • Applying digital technology in a resource teaching/SEN/learning support context, including assistive technology.
  • Use of more advanced online tools for ICT/digital technology co-ordinating teachers.
  • Training in how to address a specific digital learning outcome, to include technical skills, lesson planning and classroom management approaches.
  • A  tailored version of - or specific extract from - a standard, national course offering from PDST Technology in Education.


How to Access

See your local education centre's website and other forms of communication from your education centre or contact them directly for information (see the ATECI website for education centre contact details).

Schools can apply to run a local course on a whole school basis by applying to their local education centre. Contact the ICT Administrator at your local education centre.

Courses are free of charge.