Online Spring Schedule

The online, term-time course schedule for spring is now available at this link.

Most courses open for enrolment in advance of their start date this spring, though some are available immediately on enrolment.  They consist of short courses for primary, post-primary or both; mostly requiring 1 or 2 hours study time and are either moderated or unmoderated - depending on the course.

Here are some examples:

Note: Two courses with limited places were enrolling from December 10th, 2018 and are now fully booked

For the full list including enrolment, start and end dates, see the course schedule.

    To enrol, please go to, then login with your Scoilnet account username and password, and click on the PDST Technology in Education ENROL HERE button. Courses appear there as soon as they are available for enrolment.

    You can also check the full online course schedule to check enrolment dates.

    - See more at: