Online summer courses update (Primary)

PDST Technology in Education will offer two courses again this year, on Digital Technologies for STEM in the Primary Classroom and Digital Technologies in the Primary Classroom (formerly known as ICT in the Primary Classroom - title updated). 

Courses are free of charge. New enrollees encouraged - if you have previously completed either course in a previous summer, you are kindly requested to avoid enrolling in order to support greater access for those new to these courses. However, should you feel you need to repeat the course, you will not be unenrolled this year. 

Course dates have yet to be announced but courses are again likely to be available for a limited period during summer (approximately 18 days or 2.5 weeks).

Enrolment requires a Scoilnet account username and password. Please be prepared by registering for a Scoilnet account now. Already have an account but forgot details? Have them resent to you.

When the time comes, a dedicated summer course information and enrolment page will appear on