Web Resources

Web Resources

PDST Technology in Education has been instrumental in developing educational portals and websites, often in conjunction with other partners. A number of these are listed below.

Scoilnet 150x100 image
Scoilnet is the Department of Education and Skills official portal for Irish education. It is responsible for the promotion and use of the Internet in education under the Government's ICT in Schools Programme. Launched in 1998, the website is managed on behalf of the DES by PDST Technology in Education. Scoilnet offers a wide range of services and supports.
Webwise 150x100 image
Webwise is the current PDST Technology in Education internet safety initiative and is the Irish Internet Safety Awareness Node of Insafe, the European network of internet safety awareness nodes. It provides parents, teachers, and children with educational resources, advice and information about potential dangers on the Internet and empowers users to minimise or avoid these risks.
DL Planning 150x100 image
Digital Learning Framework
The Digital Learning Framework Planning website has been developed to assist schools in effectively embedding digital technologies into teaching and learning. It aims to provide clarity for school leaders and education providers in how to create a shared vision for how technology can best meet the needs of all learners.
Irish Flag Website
The Irish Flag
Scoilnet has developed a mini-site - well actually it is not that 'mini' since it contains around 17,000 words - exploring the historical evolution of the flag and its adoption by the Irish state. The content on the site is presented through a series of 'stories' and by a 'timeline'.

New Scoilnet Maps Website
Scoilnet Maps
Featuring a comprehensive range of Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) maps, world maps and lots of GIS data that can be viewed as "layers" over the maps. It's available now in all primary and post-primary schools on the Schools Broadband Network. Teachers can also access from home by using their Scoilnet account sign-in.

FÍS 150x100 image
FÍS Film Project
FÍS (literally translated as 'Vision') is an initiative from the Department of Education and Skills in the Republic of Ireland and is a project designed to introduce the medium of film as a support to the Primary School Curriculum/Curaclam na Bunscoile. The FÍS project is managed by PDST Technology in Education, in collaboration with Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology.
Census At School 150x100 image
CensusAtSchool is an international project that started in the UK in 2000. Ireland became involved in this exciting initiative in 2009. The project involves collecting and disseminating real data for use by teachers and pupils in data-handling, ICT and across the curriculum for teaching and learning.  A collaboration between the NCCA, the CSO and PDST Technology in Education.
Digital Schools 150x100 image
Digital Schools
This award is an initiative which aims to recognise excellence in a school’s approach to the integration of ICT in learning and teaching. PDST Technology in Education led this initiative until 2013 in partnership with CESI, the INTO and the IPPN. It is now managed by Dublin West Education Centre.
French.ie 150x100 image
French.ie provides support for the French Junior and Senior Cycle curriculum in Ireland.  Resources, Podcasts, Dossiers and up-to-date News are all part of the website. A collaboration between NUIM, Alliance Française and PDST Technology in Education, it is part of the Scoilnet portal.
German.ie 150x100 image
German.ie is a portal site created by and for German teachers and students in Ireland and is part of the Scoilnet portal. The development of the site is a result of collaboration between Scoilnet, The Department of Education (Inspectorate), the Goethe Institute, the German Teachers' Association and the Austrian Embassy in Ireland.
I Am An Artist 150x100 image
I Am An Artist
I AM AN ARTIST is a visual arts initiative aimed at primary school children.  It comprises 30 short TV programmes and an interactive website with factsheets, weblinks and interactive games on a wide range of visual arts topics. A collaborative project between RTÉ and PDST Technology in Education.
Ingenious Ireland 150x100 image
Ingenious Ireland
The Ingenious Ireland Online website provides an insight into the inventions, discoveries and natural wonders of Ireland. Alongside these fascinating stories the site utilises the best in online learning to present interactive investigations, educational resources and careers information for students and life-long learners.
Laptop Initiatives 150x100 image 
Laptops Initiative
A PDST Technology in Education innovative project consisting of a DVD, book and associated website, containing advice, information and practical ideas for use of laptops and software for post-primary principals and teachers, particularly those involved in learning support and resource teaching.
Look at History 150x100 image
Look at History
'Look at History through the RTÉ Archives' is a collaborative pilot project between PDST Technology in Education and RTÉ in which clips from media preserved by the RTÉ Archives are presented for use in second-level education.
Sci-spy 150x100 image
Sci-Spy is a science initiative aimed at primary school children in 5th and 6th class. It comprises 29 short TV programmes and an interactive website with factsheets, interactive games, quizzes and experiment sheets on a huge range of science topics. A collaborative project between RTÉ and PDST Technology in Education.
Science Unleashed 150x100 image
Science Unleashed
Science Unleashed is a science initiative aimed at second-level students studying the revised Junior Cycle science curriculum. It comprises 15 videos and an interactive website with notes, interactive games, quizzes and weblinks on a wide range of science topics. A collaborative project between RTÉ and PDST Technology in Education.
Think B4U Click 150x100 image
'Think before you click' has been specifically designed for teachers of Junior Certificate CSPE who wish to explore the issue of online privacy in the context of online rights and responsibilities. Jointly developed by PDST Technology in Education and the Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL).
Watch Your Space 150x100 imageWatch Your Space
This website is part of a campaign to raise awareness and promote safe, responsible practice by young people when online. Developed by PDST Technology in Education as part of their Webwise Internet Safety initiative.

Safer Internet Day IrelandSafer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day is an EU wide initiative to promote a safer Internet for all users, especially young people. It is promoted in Ireland by the PDST Technology in Education and Webwise.ie, and will be celebrated in Ireland on Tuesday 11th February 2014.