Bileoga Comhairle

Tá sraith bileoga comhairle ICT forbartha agus nuashonraithe ag SFGM – Teicneolaíocht san Oideachas. Clúdaíonn siad seo réimse leathan ábhair a bhaineann le ICT san oideachas. Tá siad seo an-chabhrach do scoileanna agus do mhúinteoirí.

AS 2Computer Specifications (PC).pdf (size 198.1 KB)
AS 3Computer Specifications (Apple).pdf (size 44.7 KB)
AS 4Laptops.pdf (size 51.5 KB)
AS 5PDAs.pdf (size 46.2 KB)
AS 6DVD.pdf (size 40.1 KB)
AS 7Storage and Backup.pdf (size 127.4 KB)
AS 8Computer Viruses.pdf (size 39 KB)
AS 9Securing Equipment.pdf (size 34.8 KB)
AS 10Printers.pdf (size 86.7 KB)
AS 11Scanners.pdf (size 80 KB)
AS 12Digital Cameras.pdf (size 41.2 KB)
AS 13Digital Video Cameras.pdf (size 38.5 KB)
AS 14Digital Voice Recorders.pdf (size 38.1 KB)
AS 15Digital Projectors.pdf (size 199.8 KB)
AS 16Interactive Whiteboards.pdf (size 283.4 KB)
AS 17What Is A Network?.pdf (size 45.8 KB)
AS 18Networking Basics.pdf (size 39.9 KB)
AS 19Thin Client Networks.pdf (size 53.4 KB)
AS 20Wireless Networks.pdf (size 48.3 KB)
AS 21Educational Software.pdf (size 39.4 KB)
AS 22Software Licensing.pdf (size 295 B)
AS 23The Internet.pdf (size 39.2 KB)
AS 24Internet Safety.pdf (size 51.2 KB)
AS 25Intranets.pdf (size 36.3 KB)
AS 26School Web Sites.pdf (size 39.9 KB)
AS 27Video Conferencing.pdf (size 42.1 KB)
AS 28ICT and Special Educational Needs.pdf (size 41.5 KB)
AS 29Ergonomics, Health and Safety.pdf (size 68.1 KB)
AS 31Mobile Phones.pdf (size 45.7 KB)
AS 32Datalogging.pdf (size 38.2 KB)
AS 33Programmable Bricks.pdf (size 33.7 KB)
AS 30Glossary.pdf (size 42.9 KB)
AS 34Podcasting.pdf (size 36.7 KB)
AS 35Blogs.pdf (size 38 KB)
AS 36Visualiser.pdf (size 46.1 KB)
AS 37Multimedia Editing Station.pdf (size 201.8 KB)
AS 38Tablet PC or Tablet.pdf (size 110.3 KB)
AS 39Bring your own Device (BYOD) for Learning.pdf (size 301.1 KB)

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