Creatlacha Ceannaigh

Cuidíonn na Creatlacha sin le scoileanna táirgí agus seirbhísí ar ardchaighdeán a cheannach, chomh maith le luach maith ar airgead a chinntiú. Fágfaidh próiseas na Creatlaí Soláthair go mbeidh sé i bhfad níos éasca do scoileanna crua-earraí ICT a cheannach.


Frameworks are processes that are available to assist schools in purchasing quality products and services, and good value for money. Below are details of the current Procurement Frameworks.

Digital Projector frameworks:
Short Throw Digital Projector Framework.doc (size 216.1 KB)
Long Throw (or Portable) Digital Projector Framework.doc (size 146.9 KB)

The Notebook (ie., Laptop) Framework:
The 5 suppliers on the framework are: Datapac, Dell, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, and PC Peripherals.

The Notebook template RFQ document is: Notebook template RFQ document.docx (size 131.3 KB)

The PC Framework:
The 5 suppliers on the framework are: are: Datapac, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, PC Peripherals, and PFH Technologies.

The PC template RFQ document is: PC template RFQ document.docx (size 209 KB)

Apple equipment framework
: HEAnet have a Framework in place:
The link to the framework is:

Framework for T4/DCG Computers for Post-Primary Schools:
A new framework for t4/Design and Communications Graphics (DCG) PCs and Notebooks is currently being finalised for post-primary schools so that they can purchase suitably specified computers for t4/DCG CAD work. The Framework is due to be in place by late Feb or latest by March 2014. Qualifying schools will receive ICT Grants from the DES towards the purchase of suitable computers, and will receive a letter from DES in the coming weeks in this regard. The selection and evaluation process for computers is currently taking place, coordinated by the DES, and involving T4, SEC, the Inspectorate and PDST Technology in Education, to select a suitable supplier of CAD PCs and Notebooks. Once finalised schools will be able to order high quality fit for purpose CAD PCs/Notebooks which will come pre-loaded with the t4/DCG software.

Procurement Frameworks
Before Procurement Frameworks are put in place and available for schools to use, a public procurement competition is run to select approved framework vendors who meet certain criteria and are able to provide ongoing quality ICT products/services. The objective of Frameworks is to deliver best value for money (VFM) through ongoing competition between framework suppliers on quality of service, cost, and value for money.

How the Procurement Framework process works:

  1. Schools can receive quotes for ICT equipment and services from approved suppliers by sending a Request for Quote (RFQ) to the specific framework email address. Each framework has its' own specific email address. Refer to the specific framework for more details. Schools should be open and transparent and state the evaluation criteria by which the winning bid will be selected (for example by stating evaluation criteria as 'Cost 80%, suitability for intended use 20%' etc.
  2. Schools should allow sufficient time - typically 5 days working days- for approved framework providers to provides quotes.
  3. Once responses are received, schools should evaluate the responses and check that the quotes they receive match their stated requirements.
  4. Once a decision has being made on the successful response, schools should confirm delivery details with the successful vendor. It is also good practice to inform the other bids of their unsuccessful outcome.
  5. Schools are obliged to ensure that they treat all vendors fairly and equally (non-discriminatory, to all vendors).

Seeking quotes from other suppliers:
School may seek quotes from other IT suppliers, including local suppliers, and are not restricted to purchasing from Framework suppliers. It is important that schools purchase fit for purpose products from suitable suppliers, that they feel will provide a quality support service, warranty etc.

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