Óstáil Suíomh Idirlín/Blaganna

Cuireann Óstáil Suíomh Idirlín agus Blaganna Scoilnet seirbhís óstála suíomh Idirlín agus seirbhís blagála araon ar fáil do bhunscoileanna agus d’iar-bhunscoileanna.

  • The Scoilnet Webhosting service offers schools the option of uploading static web content (that has been assembled offline) and having it hosted within the Schools Broadband Network.
  • The Scoilnet Blogs service offers schools the option to use the Word Press blogging tool to develop a school website or school blog and have it hosted within the Schools Broadband Network. Scoilnet Blogs support different types of content, including text, images, audio, including podcasts and video clips.

Here are some examples of websites that some Irish schools have created and continue to maintain using Scoilnet Blogs:

To support schools, PDST Technology in Education funds courses on blogging, and on Scoilnet Blogs in particular, which may be available via your local education centre. Contact your local education centre to request more information and book a place. Check out TeacherCPD.ie for online courses on webhosting and blogging.

How does my school get access to this service?
If your school wishes to apply to use the Webhosting/Blogs service, the following are the steps you'll need to take.

  1. First you need to decide on the best Online Name for your school. Guidelines can be found on http://support.scoilnet.ie/wiki/Online_Name and you should ensure that your selected Online Name is not already in use.
  2. A Scoilnet Account, which provides teachers with access to a range of Scoilnet online services such as encyclopaedias, census-at-schools, maps, PDST Technology in Education online courses, needs to be made administrator of the webhosting-blogging service. Either an existing account can be used or a new account can be setup at https://accounts.scoilnet.ie/registration/. This account must have a current Teaching Council Number and the same roll number as the school.
  3. School Principals are required to complete and sign the Webhosting and Blogging Application Form as part of the application process. Schools should then return the signed application form to the Broadband Service Desk (address details are included on the form).
  4. Application forms will be processed by the Broadband Service Desk and where forms are fully completed, login details for the webhosting-blogging service will be sent to the email address on the scoilnet account that has been made administrator of the service, along with other relevant information.