Oiliúint ICT Uile Scoile

PDST Technology in Education funds education centres to provide access to CPD opportunities which can be tailored to your schools’ staff needs and made available in your own school (minimum 10 teachers). This can consist of anything from a standard national course to a less formal support group.


These courses can:

  • take place in your school, in the Education Centre or another suitable venue
  • be customised to the particular needs of your group of staff
  • cover a range of topics from using digital cameras to developing a website/blog to using the internet in learning and teaching
  • be as short as a once-off 2.5 hour session to a 20 hour course run over a number of weeks or months.

The minimum numbers required to run a course is 10, but smaller schools may wish to consider clustering with another local school.

The local Education Centre in collaboration with the school principal, can be contacted to arrange such courses. Please contact the ICT Course Administrator in your local Education Centre for details of how to apply.