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New Cyberbullying course – Primary

1st September 2022

A new online course on understanding, preventing and responding to cyberbullying in primary schools is now available. 

This short, two hour course will provide you with the knowledge, resources and confidence to teach about cyberbullying and deal with cyberbullying incidents as they arise. 

It was designed to inform teachers and school leaders about the issue of cyberbullying, working through the many resources available. At the end of the course, teachers will be enabled to promote a preventative whole-education approach, identify opportunities to teach about cyberbullying and use the resources available to get parents involved in supporting anti-bullying prevention. Participants will also be able to more confidently address a cyberbullying incident and communicate with those involved.

Developed by PDST Technology in Education in collaboration with our Webwise team. 

View and self-enrol here

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