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Options for Presenting in the Classroom


Projectors are widely used as a means of Presenting in the classroom. The main type of projectors used in school classrooms are ‘short- throw’ or ‘ultra short-throw’ projectors. Projectors can also be ‘interactive or ‘non-interactive’. In recent years ‘laser projectors are being used more by schools as they have a much longer lifespan. Different types of projectors may suit different types of situations.

We’ll be adding more advice to this section in the coming weeks.

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Projector Procurement Framework/User Guide (New-May 2022)

A new Projector Procurement Framework has been put in place to make it easier for schools/ETBs to purchase high quality, fit for purpose projectors from approved quality providers. A ‘Projector Framework User Guide‘ has been developed for schools/ETBs and other clients, to assist them is using the framework to purchase projectors, to support high quality ‘Presenting in the Classroom’ options.

Five type of projectors are included, including Portable/Long Throw, Ultra Short-throw (both interactive and non-interactive), Laser Projectors (long lifespan), and High Lumens (for school halls or larger areas).

The Framework User Guide can be downloaded from Here.

Any queries that schools have in relation to the framework can be emailed to us at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

We’ll add FAQs/Answers in this section as we receive queries from schools.

Q: If schools use the framework to seek quotes, do they still need to seek other quotes?

A: No, other quotes are not required

Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs)

Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) are widely used as a means of engaging pupils in learning activities, especially in Primary school classrooms. The main size of IFPs used in general classrooms is 75 inch. Smaller IFPs such as 55 or 65 inch may suit learning support rooms. The Department/PDST-TiE and others are currently working to develop a new Interactive Flat Panel Purchasing Framework for schools. While we currently don’t have a date as to when this framework will be available, upon availability it will promoted via our website, and newsletter to schools.

We’ll be adding additional information to this section as developments occur.

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Screen Mirroring / Screen Sharing

Screen mirroring / screen sharing is a means of connecting a teacher or student device screen to a large screen in a classroom, so that the content of the device is displayed on the large screen. For more on this refer to the ‘Presenting in the Classroom’ document below.

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Visualisers are a very useful tool for teachers in the classroom. Visualisers use an integrated camera and presents an image to the projector or interactive Flat panel. For more on Visualisers refer to the ‘Visualisers’ document below.

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The following short documents provide advice on how projectors and interactive flat panels can be used by schools to support teaching and learning in the classroom. Screen mirroring / screen sharing is also discussed.

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