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The Schools Broadband Network checks inbound http and smtp traffic for viruses. The aim is to try and prevent viruses and malware /spyware from gaining access to devices in schools via the internet. However, while this may stop viruses and spyware entering school devices via the internet, there are other ways, such as via USB keys etc., that viruses and spyware can access devices in a school.

Some devices are more at risk to viruses than others.Chromebooks and Apple devices such as iPads and Macbooks are considered at low risk of being infected by viruses, and as such don’t require Anti-Virus software to be installed on them. Also Microsoft’s latest ‘Windows 10’ Operating System (OS) has integrated Anti-virus software as part of the operating system, (unlike older OS versions such as Windows 7), there is a lower risk of a device being infected by a virus. 

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