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Resources in this area are provided to assist schools in managing Technical Support in the school. Additional resources/links will be added as they are developed.

Technical Support Requirements Document
This is a template document that a school can modify to it’s own needs and then send to prospective providers, seeking quotes to provide technical support to their school. It achieves this in 7 main ways.

  1. It helps the school quantify and review the current level of ICT infrastructure in the school.
  2. It provides a process to prioritise what are the main ICT elements in the schools that require external support.
  3. It helps the school to define what level and priority of technical support is required for various elements.
  4. It helps to identify areas that may not require local technical support as they are supported via other means (eg. Schools Broadband, ICT Equipment purchased with its own warranty etc.).
  5. It helps the school find a balance between what the school can support from it’s own resources and where additional external technical support is required.
  6. It sets an expectation as to what level of service is required (eg remote support (in addition to a call out service) is recommended by PDST Technology in Education as an important and cost effective aspect of the service).
  7. As all technical support companies must quote based on a common set of requirements it should simplify the evaluation of their responses.  

Equipment Spreadsheet
Schools should keep track of ICT equipment, warranties, licensing etc in the school. A simple equipment spreadsheet is provided to help in tracking and updating these details.

Advice on upgrading computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10 or a supported operating system

We’ve attached a short guideline (see link below) on upgrading computers from Win 7 to a supported Operating System, (Win 10 or Chrome OS). As Microsoft has stated that it will no longer provide security or other updates for Win 7, we recommend that schools who wish to remain using ‘Windows’ OS upgrade their Win 7 computers to Win 10. However the good news is that Microsoft is still allowing the upgrade to be completed for free on existing Win 7 computers, without schools having to purchase an additional Win 10 licence.

We’ve tried it recently on an old 9 year old slow Windows 7 computer, and though it took well over an hour to complete, it worked fine, and the computer is now working much faster ! As this option may not be available in the future, it makes sense for schools to do the upgrade as soon as possible.

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