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Good Practice Videos

  • Tablets for Assessment

    Two teachers outline how they use tablets for assessment in Maths. Tablets enable the teachers to provide audio-visual feedback for pupils and to create targeted goals for individual children. All assessment is save to Google Drive as an ePortfolio.

    Teaching & Learning, Primary, Assessment/Assessment Tools, Digital Portfolios, Online Resources

  • Tablets for Problem Solving

    A 2nd class teacher describes using tablets in a Maths lesson. Pupils learn about the topic of capacity with a focus on problem solving in groups. The groups use the Explain Everything app to record their findings. These recordings are then viewed to assess the children's progress.

    Teaching & Learning, Primary, Assessment/Assessment Tools, Content Creation, Digital Portfolios, Online Resources

  • Using a visualiser in a primary classroom

    A 4th class teacher shows the different ways he uses the visualiser as part of his maths teaching with 4th class. Pupils present their own work to the class using the visualiser and the teacher records himself completing sums, which can be played on loop.

    Teaching & Learning, Primary, Collaboration, Content Creation

  • Tablets in a Junior School

    A school principal outlines how her school uses tablets for literacy and numeracy. She also explains the implementation of ICT in the school starting with teachers who are more comfortable using ICT. Teachers use a variety of apps, both content rich and content free e.g. Explain Everything.

    Leadership & Management, Primary

  • Tablets for Talk & Discussion

    A Senior Infant teacher uses tablets to support oral language and differentiation with a Senior Infant class. The children use Story Creator in Collins Big Cat App to recreate a scene from the story. They then present their work to a partner.

    Teaching & Learning, Primary, Assessment/Assessment Tools, Digital Storytelling, Primary Language Curriculum

  • Being Online: Exploring Digital Citizenship with 3rd Class

    Trystan Russell, St. Stephen's De La Salle, describes how he uses HTML Heroes content and film editing projects with green screen footage to promote class discussions and understanding of different areas of digital citizenship such as copyright licenses, fake news and fake or modified content.

    Teaching & Learning, Primary, Collaboration, Content Creation, Digital Video, Internet Safety

  • ICT & Numeracy – A senior class maths lesson

    A 6th class teacher describes a Maths lesson within the strand 2D shape using a number of different technologies. Pupils explore the topic of triangles using digital cameras, computers and Scratch. Group collaboration and problem solving is a key element to pupils motivation in this lesson.

    Teaching & Learning, Primary, Coding, Collaboration, Digital Video, Online Resources, STEM

  • Scratch – a Principal’s perspective

    A school Principal talks about the importance of using Scratch to develop pupils problem solving skills. Scratch is used to support the development of numeracy in the school. This technology has been integrated on a school-wide basis.

    Leadership & Management, Primary

  • ICT & Numeracy –Scratch

    A 6th class teacher describes using Scratch, to support the development of her pupils’ numeracy skills. In this lesson, pupils explore the topic of angles within the strand unit Shape and Space. Pupils explore Mathematical terms through guided discovery on Scratch.

    Teaching & Learning, Primary, Assessment/Assessment Tools, Coding, Collaboration, Online Resources, Primary Language Curriculum, STEM

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